Here are two websites that I created and operate:

Some of my favorite cellists:

Yo yo Ma - I like Yo yo Ma because he can play the cello in so many different styles and genres. His artistry is of the highest order. Visit his website to see what he is currently working on.

Lowri Blake - I like Lowri Blake because she was the first cello teacher I studied with who was able to transform the way I played the cello. She can also sing while playing the cello which is very rare and very difficult to do well. She is British but lives in the South of France. 

Paul Katz  has created and operates a wonderful website for cellists of any level.

 Steven Isserlis is a British cellist whom I admire. He is a master at shaping a phrase beautifully and has a great understanding of music and composers.

 David Finckel - This is another excellent resource which contains 100 cello teaching videos all done by David Finckel from around the world as he traveled and performed. Go to: David finckel and Wu Han